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Check out our Office Hours Program!

  1. Choose a project you want to work on from this list.

  2. Pick a 3-5 hour time slot between 9am-5pm during the week.

  3. Email our office to schedule your service!


Last fall, we launched our first set of internships. To apply just email us a resume and cover letter. Descriptions below:

Improbable Players actors

Become an Actor

Improbable Players is always seeking talented sober folks to join our troupes in Boston, New York and Cleveland. If you are in recovery and you're interested, send us an email to set up an audition today.

Join the board

We are actively recruiting talented engaged board members who feel a strong connection to our mission. If you or someone you know might be interested, let's connect. Email or call today. 1.800.437.4303

Improbable Players strives to be a model of diversity and inclusion. Our Board of Directors, staff, actors and volunteers reflect the demographics of the communities we serve which allows us to excel at communicating our core issues — the effects of alcoholism and substance use disorder.  

This diversity includes age, ethnicity, gender identity, religion, sexual orientation, race, and socio-economic status. To promote inclusion, Improbable Players commits to creating an uplifting and considerate community.

Improbable Players follows all state and federal regulations which bar discrimination on the basis of race, gender, religious creed, color, national origin, ancestry, disability, age, gender identity, or sexual orientation, and which require accessibility for persons with disabilities. IP programs are in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and other applicable state and local laws.



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