Support prevention. Support recovery.


How to Donate

We encourage you to make a recurring donation if possible. You can do so online with Paypal by clicking “donate” above. If you plan to make a large gift, a check is the best method to maximize your impact. Checks can be made out to:

Improbable Players

22 Mount Auburn Street Suite 5

Watertown, MA, 02472


Why Donate?

We wanted your donation to really mean something to you. Some ways to think about your support:

Think about the students in our audiences who may delay or avoid use due to a performance. It costs about $6 per student on average to bring a program.

Think about the teachers trying to find new ways to educate about addiction. It costs about $1800 to bring a show to a school.

Think about our new initiatives to expand the reach of our work -whether it's by bringing free shows to 6 communities this year ($12,000 cost) or develop audio plays to reach parts of the country we can't yet reach ($10,000). Read the roadmap here.

Finally, think about the actors in our company whose recovery is in part made possible through this work. I think of stories like Elizabeth's -who considers sharing her story creatively as key to her recovery. We are proud to pay our actors $100-$140 per show depending on tenure.

Larger gifts are also greatly appreciated and allow us to do the most work in schools and communities to combat addiction.


Why Prevention?

The latest research supports the necessity of this work:

Members of Improbable Players standing in a line at the front of an event

Thank you

We are so grateful to do this work and be of service every day. Your support makes it possible. Thank you, thank you, thank you!



End stigma. End crisis.